Improve the safety of your employees and customers.

Typically used in building entryways, the FirstLine kiosk scans users' wrists for elevated body temperature. If the body temperature is high, the device notified the user and sends an alert to management staff via email or to the remote management application. Temperature alerts from the device are sent in real-time to the remote management application, where they are displayed on the monitoring console for security staff to take appropriate action.

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Temperature Screening Kiosk - Andy McCarthy - BLM Technologies

FirstLine Temperature Scanner benefits include:

  • Visual and audible alerts.
  • Identification if a person isn’t wearing a mask.
  • A customizable COVID-19
    questionnaire that users can answer via
    touchscreen or smartphone with QR code.
  • Image and temperature data storage in CMS
    system for reporting.
  • Customizable alerts to provided
    email address.
  • Centigrade or Fahrenheit readings.
  • RFID reader and door access

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